The Masha is a handy alternative to the many stick blenders on the market, it’s great for mashed spuds because it doesn’t overwork the gluten — which can turn them gloopy — it’s also suitable for sauces, soups, dips and whipping cream.

John Torode
John & Gregg’s Side Dishes
Daily Mail Weekend Mag

The Sliça is one of those kitchen utensils I really do think I’ll use fairly regularly. It’s very compact and it does all the things my stick blender doesn’t do. So, it means I simply don’t need a food processor.

Fiona Maclean
London Unattached
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The Masha was initially designed to create the smoothest mashed potato on the planet, but its versatility means it's also a great hand blender that enables you to whip up anything from quick guacamole to humus and from pastry to batter. The non-slip handgrip is brilliant.

Kate Hilpern
The 10 Best Hand Blenders
The Independent Online
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